Wedding Dress Alteration Services

n your wedding day, you’ll want to look, and feel amazing, right? A proper fit to the bodice of your bridal gown will be lovely to look at and easy to wear. Your And Sew It Is seamstress will share “insider secrets” with you, and help create a wedding dress fit that’s perfect. Side seams and bust dart alterations are often all that’s needed to create an ideal custom fit for your wedding gown, or bridal party dresses. If it’s ‘oh so close’ to a perfect fit but something’s not quite right, there are a few invisible tricks that will work like magic. 

Achieving the perfect fit is easy when you know what your options are.

Bra cups, boning, or an elastic strap for added support, will typically make all the difference to the fit of your wedding dress.

A sneak peek inside will often reveal one or more of the following:

• a well fitted bra or bustier
• a built in bra
• foam cups (that become part of your wedding gown)

• gel cups (that become part of your body)
• built in bra strap, or elastic corset band
• properly positioned boning

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