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n days gone by, a wrist loop has been a popular way of managing the train length of a wedding gown. The romantic sweep of fabric between the hemline and the wrist of the bride have forever been synonymous with the “first dance”. However, today’s bride will often prefer the ease and functionality of a “hands free” bustle, and will ask for a beautiful customized train length to be created, using a series of crocheted thread loops, and attractive pearl buttons. 

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If you still have a connection to the elegant charm of yester-year, you might want to consider a wrist loop for your wedding dress train, as well as a bustle, so you can have the best of both worlds.

Creative ways of managing your wedding gown train length may include:

• single-point bustle
• multi-point bustle
• tiered bustle

• french bustle
• wrist loop
• hemline finger loops

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