Wedding Dress Alteration Services

edding gowns with a corset back have become exceedingly popular, and for good reason. They not only look beautiful, they allow for a custom fit that accentuates the curve of the waistline and flatters the figure adding function and flare. If you find a wedding dress that’s almost perfect, but it’s missing this lovely feature, don’t hesitate to ask your And Sew It Is seamstress if a conversion from zip-up to lace-up, is possible. 

It’s when you ask for what you want, that dreams really do come true.

Bra cups, boning, or an elastic strap for added support, will typically make all the difference to the fit of your wedding dress.

A lace-up back on a bridal gown, or bridesmaid dress can be custom designed to include:

• a bodice only corset, just to the waist (often with 8 – 12 loops, and a zipper below)
• a deep-V opening corset, opening to the small of the back (often with 14-24 loops)

• a modesty panel (half or full)
• white/ivory, or contrast colour, loops and lace

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