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ow that you’ve found your perfect bridal gown or bridesmaids dress, it’s a good time to think about where you’ll be while you’re wearing it. If you’re having outdoor wedding pictures taken or part of your wedding celebration will be outside, a drop in air temperature is a possibility, and you’ll want to be prepared with a simple wrap, or perfectly styled jacket to keep the chill away. Sometimes it’s not just an accessory, it’s an essential. 

Good news… your And Sew It Is seamstress has got you covered!

It doesn’t matter whether you need something light-weight or snuggly and warm, stepping out in style is easy when you plan ahead.

Consider a fabric option
that blends with your bridal gown.
Or one that offers a fun and flattering contrast;
• lace
• satin
• taffeta
• organza
• chiffon
• faux fur
Jacket sleeve length can vary
depending on your preference.
As well as your anticipated wedding day needs, and may include;
• just beyond the shoulder ( cap sleeve)
• short
• just above the elbow
• below the elbow
• to the wrist
Closure details
on your wedding jacket or wrap
Will allow you to customize the look of your wedding ensemble;
• soft or simple
• ribbon tie
• hook & eye
• jewelled clasp
• snap feature with or without a creative embellishment

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